Facebook tests letting you rewind live videos as they stream

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Facebook is testing the ability for you to rewind live videos while they’re still happening.

Viewers have requested the feature so they can rewatch or catch up on important moments in a live video, Facebook said on its media blog Tuesday. After a period of testing, Facebook said it would bring Live Rewind to users globally.

YouTube, Facebook’s main competitor for livestreaming videos posted by everyday users, has allowed viewers to rewind during a live video for years.

Facebook has prioritized video — and particularly live video — in its algorithm recipe for the top of your News Feed over the last two years. It’s part of the company’s bid to gobble up advertising dollars that are fleeing traditional television for alternatives online as ratings dwindle.

Also on Tuesday, Facebook announced it’s rolling out other live video features for publishers.

It’s adding a simplified setup for people who frequently broadcast live by offering persistent stream keys, which basically cuts down on the number of checklist items a publisher needs to go through to launch a live video. It’s also allowing publishers to crosspost a live video across multiple pages, which aggregates views and interaction into one place.

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